The Season is Nearly Among Us

As I look outside my window here in Detroit, I see sunlight,I hear birds chirping, and best of all… no snow. This can only mean one thing, spring is here. The Tigers are playing preseason games and the Opening Day seats are sold out, dang. Cabrera finished rehab, Damon is ready to win, and perhaps best of all is that the D-Train may still have a little bit more steam in his engine that we thought. I mean have you seen his spring stats. I’m rooting for him as the 5th starter. Maybe he can pull a few wins out of the air. Nothing serious, just something like 12 wins and an ERA around 4.00. That would be a win in my book. You pretty much know what your getting out of Cabrera. He’ll bat .310-.320, hit 35 homeruns, and drive in 100 runs. Damon will steal some bases, but won’t get a high average. He will be very clutch though, when there is a runner on base or we need a big hit, he clock in. Verlander, I don’t know. He’s having a bit of a rough spring, but then again, he made a run at the Cy Young last year, so. You can fill in the blanks, he is to much of a gray-area pitcher for me to guess. Austin Jackson will be better than Curtis Granderson, but the similarities are kind of scary.

2006-Curtis Granderson stands on the foul line as the national anthem plays on opening day

2010-Austin Jackson will do the exact same thing

2006-Curtis Granderson heads to the plate as the 1st batter of the season

2010-Austin Jackson will do the exact same thing, again

2006-Curtis Granderson headed out to take center

2010-Austin Jackson will do the same exact same thing… yet again

2006 and 2010-Detroit has opening day in Kansas City

Spooky, aye.

Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is, GO TIGERS!


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