Free Agent Talk: Carl Crawfod

As we all know, Carl Crawford is a
free agent after the World Series. It seems that the chances of him re-signing
with Tampa is slim to none. So, I’m going to do what I do best, speculate.


Crawford is going to want big money
in his next contract which narrows is down to the following teams: Yankees, Red
Sox, Cubs, Phillies, Mets, Tigers, White Sox, Mariners, Angels, Giants, A’s,
Dodgers, and Twins.


Next, he will want to play left
field, this narrows it down to the Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies, Tigers, White Sox,
Mariners, Angels, Giants, A’s, Dodgers, and Twins.


He will want to bat at the top of the
order, which narrows it down to the Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, White Sox, Angels,
A’s, Giants, and Twins.


I think these seven teams are going
to be the ones who make the big runs at him. I know that he lives on the west coast,
which might give the Angels, A’s, and Giants a bit of an advantage. I also feel
that the White Sox will start to lose interest as they focus more on Adam Dunn.


Pros: Fast, Run Producer, Will Steal
40-70 Bases, Will Hit 15-20 Homeruns, Top of the Order Type Batter, Great
Defense (.991 career fielding %)


Cons: Injury, the turf in Tampa may
have taken a toll on his knees. Beware if signed to a long contract.


Verdict: Do not sign him to an 8 year
deal. A 3-5 year contract with mutual options are great. He is a great player
but the knees scare me and I don’t think you will have the same great player in
8 years.


Prediction: I think he will sign a 7
year deal with the Angels worth about $17MM per year. Perhaps a mutual option
for an 8th year if he has 500 plate appearances.



  1. diehardcubsfan4ever

    I have been lobbying very hard for the Cubs to sign Carl Crawford. He would be a perfect fit for the Cubs. The Cubs need a spark at the top of the batting order and a guy that can steal bases and put pressure on the defense. The only problem is that the Cubs are stuck with Alfonso Soriano and would need to trade him to an American League team where he is best suited to DH. Regardless, If the Cubs sign only one free agent, I hope that it is Carl Crawford. No one needs him more badly than the Cubs.

  2. raysrenegade

    Carl Crawford will head West for his 2011 season. Either the L A Dodgers, who might shop Matt Kemp this offseason, or the L A Angels, who have an open chewck waiting for CC have the edge right now.
    Crawford loves playing in the post season,which might push his interest beyond the A L East.
    Yankees can afford him, but do not need him with Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher pushing teams around with their base speed and situational hitting.
    Red Sox will not get CC because he hates that big Green Monster. Takes away his defensive prowness when you have a huge board you have to grab balls off of instead of getting a nice run and leaping up and grabbing one before it heads for a HR.
    Where ever CC goes, they will get a consistent bat, great role model and a guy who doesn’t cause trouble in a clubhouse.
    Still wish we could find a way to keep him.

    Rays Renegade

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