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Half Way Home

 Well, we are a little over half way through the season and Tigers fans have a lot to be happy about and one of them is there all star first basemen. I knew he was high up in all of the tripple crown stats but I didn’t realize how high, in fact, after 82 he is winning the tripple crown in the entire majors. He is deffinitly the first half MVP. The funniest part though is that he isn’t even starting the all-star game. That is deffinitly pathetic. He is on pace to have over 40 homeruns, about 150 RBI’s and hit in the .340’s. When you try to match up stats, there is only one other player who can be put into the same sentence as Cabrera, and that would be Mr. Jose Alberto Pujols. They are on in the same. Now I know that every Cardinals fan is outraged but just look at the stats. Since 2008, which was Cabrera’s first season in Detroit, they have very similar numbers. Now Cabrera’s (92 homeruns, 303 RBI’s and .315) numbers are a little lower than Pujols’s (104 homeruns, 312 RBI’s and .331).

The Tigers are currently 45-37 and .5 game ahead of the Twins in the ALC. They are going for the sweep against the O’s tonight at 7:05. Max Scherzer is pitching for Detroit and has been pitching very well since coming back up from AAA Toledo. Hopefully the Tigers can take the game.